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And still a Third Image Page ! (stop me before I scan again)

   This first image is another in my series of Biblical Quotations 
with calligraphy and Folk decorations.

   Actually the second item here is not scanned at all, but done 
in "Paintbrush", and the plastered up here.It has an explanation

   The third image didn't scan as well as I wish it had done, but 
since I find it to be a fascinating image, I am placing it here 
as is.
   I found it printed simply on a 3x5 card, with nothing to identify
it. I was sure it was a Catholic Saint, so I showed it to a friend,
and was told it is an image of Saint Theresa of Lisieux, patron of 
Missionaries. She is also known as "Little Flower of Jesus", and she
became a Carmelite Nun at age 15. After proving herself to be a very
dedicated Nun, she contracted TB and died by age 24. Before her death,
she was instructed by her Prioress to write an autobiography, in
which she wrote that after her death she would "let fall a shower
of roses"- miracles and favors. She has had many miracles laid to her
credit, which led to her Canonization in 1925, less than 30 years
after her death.
    I have read quite a bit about Saints, and find their stories to 
be both fascinating and inspiring. Their faith, dedication, suffering,
and service are incredible, and those of us not immersed in the 
Catholic faith are missing alot, by being unfamiliar with the lives
of these exceptional people.

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