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Some Images I Like !!(or "Let ME Play with the Scanner Awhile !" )

I believe these things to be free from copyright, but if there is an objection,
please go to my homepage,(at the link below) and leave a message in my guestbook.

I scanned this first image from an old book I have.It is so beat-up, that I can 
only guess at it's age, as late 1800's.It is entitled "the Bible in Pictures", 
and appears to be aimed at both children, and semi-literate people.

The second image is scanned from a book published in 1913, titled,
"Illuminated Religion in the Home or Captivating Bible Stories".
It is an illustration of Jesus Christ as "The Good Shepherd".

The third scanned image is from a book titled, "The Golden Manual", circa
the 1850's, during the service of Pope Pius IX. This is a very fascinating 
book, very informative on the Catholic Faith at that time.It shows Christ
being symbollicly crucified on a wine-press, a reference to the "Last Supper"
and Jesus' statement that the wine was his blood.

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