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Sites I've Seen,(and enjoyed)

Goshen's Homepage
Good Christian search tool, and many other enriching resources.
Catholic Information on the Internet
(although I was not born or raised a Catholic) I highly recommend going here for a good look 'round.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Wonderously enriching Christian Writings, and some equally interesting "stuff"
Christian Music Online
Covers a Wide Variety of Genres, and Artists.
The Christian Connection
A mind boggeling array of Christian resources on the Web.
World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Writings
Shows some of the Common Ground all Religions Share.
Maranatha Christian Journal
News And Views in a Christian Light. (a tad right-wing for my tastes, but well put together.)
Christian search, and chats, etc..
Christian Computer Users Network
A well displayed, and inclusive, Christian WebGuide
Christian Media, U.K.
Software, and some of the "gif's" I have used, very nice (and Free) animations.
Erin's Inspirational Place.
A Nice Page from a Nice Visitor of Mine.
Simple GIF's
Home to more of the gif's I've used (some nice work).
Build a Christian web page.
Lot's of useful "stuff" for Christian Web Pages.
Christian Community Network
Search, Indices, Events, and "lots-o-stuff"
The Salt-Factory
An uplifting site of music, prayers,And other Christian interests.
CyberSpace Community Church
Many joyful offerings to Christians of all sorts.
Men of Integrity
A nice, and growing place for Christian Men.

Links to my own pages.

Lamb's Cote
My Home Page
My Own Poetry
My "ramblings".
My own very short stories.
Images I enjoy.
First of my scanner experiments.
Prayers, mine and others.
Ways we speak with God.
Writings Inspired by Bible Readings !
Mulling over God's Words.

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